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Chicago And Big Data

Source: Nick Rojas, Tech Crunch

As a civilization, we may not be getting smarter. However, the technologies we use certainly are. Since the introduction of the smartphone, we’ve witnessed the emergence of smart homes, smart power grids, and even smart football stadiums for helping fans find parking spaces. Lately, the trend has been to go big. Infrastructure applications are ever increasing in size and scope for transmitting, collecting, and processing big data in an effort to better understand and navigate our surroundings.

Examples of scalability with regard to smart technology now include “smart cities” like Chicago. It appears that the third largest city in the United States will become a leading model for collecting and managing big data from sensor nodes and cell phones throughout the area.


The ‘hoodies’, the ‘suits’ and others behind Chicago Government 2.0

Source: Elliott Ramos, WBEZ

If you’re the type bent toward more sunlight on governmental decision-making, you’ve probably been smiling a bit lately. Over the past two years, the city’s released names of lobbyists, government contracts and receipts by the millions..

If you’re so inclined, you can now peer into the inner-workings of government exchanges, including gifts, which would be as seemingly insignificant as cookies or bath salts. Or, you can peruse the following: food inspections, overtime expenditures, salaries of every city employee, building permits, building violations, and ridership numbers for trains and buses, among other things.


Chicago Named as One of Five Winners in Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge

Source: City of Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded the City of Chicago $1 million for its innovative idea to build the first citywide real-time predictive analytics platform. The award is through the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, a competition that called upon American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life. Chicago won a $1 million innovation prize to support the development and implementation of this groundbreaking platform over the next few years, which will fundamentally change the way cities use data to improve services. Once developed, this tool will be open-sourced and available for any city to adopt.