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Former Chicago CIO Brett Goldstein talks about new civic data hub Plenario

Source: WBEZ

Many conversations around data are marked by a feeling that there is more information available than society can handle or properly analyze. The same feeling goes for open government data. Stores such as the city of Chicago data portal has a large supply of information, but joining the different sets together to find relationships – especially between agencies and sources – can be time consuming and a barrier to entry for some.

This week a group headed by Brett Goldstein and Charlie Catlett at the University of Chicago Computation Institute’s Urban Center for Computation and Data and Argonne National Laboratory released Plenario, a tool they hope will help those interested in civic data access it more easily.


The ‘hoodies’, the ‘suits’ and others behind Chicago Government 2.0

Source: Elliott Ramos, WBEZ

If you’re the type bent toward more sunlight on governmental decision-making, you’ve probably been smiling a bit lately. Over the past two years, the city’s released names of lobbyists, government contracts and receipts by the millions..

If you’re so inclined, you can now peer into the inner-workings of government exchanges, including gifts, which would be as seemingly insignificant as cookies or bath salts. Or, you can peruse the following: food inspections, overtime expenditures, salaries of every city employee, building permits, building violations, and ridership numbers for trains and buses, among other things.