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Weekend Web: Chicago's 'Array of Things'

Source: NBC Chicago

NBC5's Charlie Wojciechowski talks with the City of Chicago's Chief Information Officer Brenna Berman about a bold experiment that uses sensors around the city to collect data.

2015 Technology Exchange: Charlie Catlett, Open Data and Instrumenting Cities

SOURCE: VIDEO: Presented on October 6, 2015 at the Internet2 2015 Technology Exchange in Cleveland, OH

Cities are increasingly publishing data about their operations while also internally using data to improve the effectiveness and quality of services through optimization, predictive analytics, and other methods. This represents new opportunities for collaboration between cities, national laboratories, and universities in areas ranging from scalable data infrastructure to tools for data analytics, along with challenges such as replicability of solutions between cities, integrating and validating data for scientific investigation, and protecting privacy. For many urban questions, new data sources will be required with greater spatial and/or temporal resolution, driving innovation in the use of sensor in mobile devices as well as embedded sensing infrastructure in the built environment. Catlett will discuss the work that Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago are doing in partnership with the City of Chicago and other cities through the Urban Center for Computation and Data, focusing on key scalable data infrastructure, data analytics, and urban-scale sensor networks.

Array of Things Awarded Federal Funds to Deploy 500 Sensors in Chicago

SOURCE: WTTW, Chicago Tonight

The Array of Things urban data sensor project is prepping to collect all sorts of information on Chicago's streets by early next year. Some of that data includes where people are and how they're moving around the city.  Charlie Catlett, the lead scientist for the project and director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data of the Computation Institute; and Lori Andrews, a professor at IIT-Chicago-Kent College of Law and author of the book “I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Media Networks and the Death of Privacy" join host Phil Ponce to discuss AoT.

Array of Things: A Fitbit for the City [Video]

Source: Wired

The Array of Things project in Chicago, led by the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, the Computation Institute, and the School of the Art Institute Chicago, is installing hundreds of sensors across the city, in hopes of providing a new breed of data-fueled urban planning.


Big Data: Chicago Is Putting Sensors All Over the City [Video]

Source: Bloomberg News

The city of Chicago is betting big on big data. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has given the green light to a project to install sensors on traffic poles that collect data on air quality and weather. Now some privacy groups concerned. Bloomberg's Sam Grobart explains. (Source: Bloomberg)