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HPC Connects Plenary: The Century of the City

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Charlie Catlett


Pete Beckman

Debra Lam

Michael Mattmiller

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HPC Connects Plenary

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TimeMonday, November 13th5:30pm - 6:30pm

LocationMile High Ballroom

DescriptionThe 21st Century is frequently referenced as the “Century of the City,” reflecting the unprecedented global migration into urban areas, and their central role in both driving and being affected by factors ranging from economics to health to energy to climate change. The notion of a “smart” city is one that recognizes the use and influence of technology in cities. For instance, the use of technology to enable cities to more effectively harness their roles as centers of opportunity, while address the challenges of providing equity of opportunity across a heterogenous population.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is already playing a key role in helping cities to pursue these objectives. Intelligent devices enabled with HPC “at the edge” have potential to enable real-time optimization in areas such as energy generation and delivery or the flow of goods and services, and to allow urban infrastructures to adapt autonomously to changes and events such as severe storms or traffic congestion.

With the accelerating volume of data about cities, HPC is helping cities to optimize their services, from making food safety inspections more effective to identifying children most at risk for lead poisoning. HPC is supporting the creation of computational models of urban sectors such as transportation, energy demand, or economics. And increasingly there is opportunity—and need—to develop multi-scale, coupled modeling systems that harness new data sources and measurement techniques and that capture the interdependencies between these sectors to provide a more holistic modeling capability for urban designers, planners, and developers.

This plenary panel will discuss emerging needs and opportunities suggesting an increasing role for HPC in cities, with perspectives from city government, planning and design, and embedded urban HPC systems.