• Bristol
  • United Kingdom

The Festival of the Future City will have a major programme of work that looks at the future city; not just in sustainable and resilient terms, though that’s a key part, but in all aspects of city life, living, working, educating, playing and developing (as these all, directly or indirectly, contribute to resilience and sustainability). This will include themes on the good city; the smart city; the art city; the creative city; the media city; the city of education; higher education and medicine in city economies and life. It will look at ageing city populations; cities for all citizens; house prices and impact on culture; immigration and the city; the city builders of the future; fairness and the city; inequality and the city; culture and the city; legibility and cities; playable cities; city philanthropy; financing the future city; media and the future city; the smart city; technology, privacy and security issues; and more.

More details coming soon!