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  • 1675 Owens St
  • San Francisco, CA, 94158
  • United States

Smart cities and how places from San Jose to Newark are rethinking city planning

If you think connecting your home or factory is tough, imagine connecting the many services that cities provide. Hear researchers and CIOs explain some of the challenges and opportunities that smart cities can provide.


Matt Bronson — Assistant City Manager, City of San Mateo

Charlie Catlett — Senior Computer Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago

Maciej Kranz — VP of Corporate Technology Group, Cisco

Vijay Sammeta — CIO, City of San Jose

Moderated by

Derrick Harris — Senior Writer, Gigaom

Gigaom Structure Connect 2014: Building the Internet of Things

Connecting our homes and business to the internet will disrupt businesses, improve efficiency and usher in an era of disruption not seen since the beginning of the web.

At this year’s Structure Connect the following topics will be explored…

  • The future of building a framework for connectivity, security, business models, and devices themselves.
  • Business models and security – how are people going to be able to make money?
  • How do you build a business with all of the layers out there and all of the connected devices?
  • Quantified self and what we need to know
  • How to build for security and privacy when everything’s connected
  • Building business models around open APIs
  • The future of the connected consumers – Cars, homes, selves